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  • Dever Cozying up to Pragnante Bhabhi is a steamy tale of forbidden desires and seduction. The story follows a young and handsome Dever who finds himself irresistibly drawn to his pregnant Bhabhi, Savita. As he helps her around the house, he can't help but notice her curves and the way her body has changed with her pregnancy. Despite knowing it's wrong, Dever can't resist the temptation and starts to make subtle advances towards Savita. As they spend more time together, Dever and Savita's chemistry becomes undeniable. They find themselves in a red light area, where they give in to their desires and indulge in passionate lovemaking. The intensity of their encounter is heightened by the fact that Savita is carrying another man's child, making it even more taboo and thrilling. But their secret rendezvous doesn't go unnoticed for long. Miya Khalifa, a famous porn star, catches them in the act and offers to join in on the fun. What follows is a wild and steamy threesome that leaves all three of them satisfied and craving for more. As the days go by, Dever and Savita's relationship becomes more than just physical. They start to develop feelings for each other, but the reality of their situation sets in. Will they be able to resist their forbidden love or will they give in to their desires and face the consequences? Dever Cozying up to Pragnante Bhabhi is a thrilling tale of passion, lust, and forbidden love. With the added excitement of a famous porn star and the taboo of a pregnant housewife, this story will leave you wanting more. So, download now and experience the heat and intensity of this HD porn download.
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